Review: The Sufferfest – The Way Out

The Sufferfest videos are awesome. They offer (mostly) short, sharp, bang-for-buck workouts, expertly put together to push you right to the edge but not quite over. They are engaging, motivating, stimulating and, when completed without cheating at 100% FTP setting, rewarding and body-shattering in equal measure. I've been a fan for a long while. Time … Continue reading Review: The Sufferfest – The Way Out

Training Update: November 2016

Now winter training is fully underway, I thought I'd aim to make some notes on how I'm progressing as I work towards next year and my 2016/17 season goals. This won't necessarily be a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly thing - I'll just post some updates as and when it feels right, or if I've … Continue reading Training Update: November 2016