#racingistraining – Winter Update & ELV Winter Series Racing

For personal reasons, December was a bit of a difficult month and that's primarily why I haven't blogged for a few weeks. Every now and then, life can catch you by surprise, disrupt your routine and rhythm and play havoc with the obsessive compulsive cyclist's finely tuned plans. It's not all doom and January gloom, … Continue reading #racingistraining – Winter Update & ELV Winter Series Racing

Training Update: November 2016

Now winter training is fully underway, I thought I'd aim to make some notes on how I'm progressing as I work towards next year and my 2016/17 season goals. This won't necessarily be a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly thing - I'll just post some updates as and when it feels right, or if I've … Continue reading Training Update: November 2016