Mott Everest 09.07.17

At 03.50 a.m., an owl flew right across my path and almost hit me in the face. It was pitch black.  I was convinced the rottweilers from number 3 had jumped the fence and were hot on my tail and I was crawling up the second of 148 Mott Street ascents in 34/28 (my lowest … Continue reading Mott Everest 09.07.17

The Power of Bicycles / Zwiftathon

A no-shame plug for a brilliant initiative and a very worthwhile charity. On 3 December 2016, the world's largest cycling community will ride together on Watopia - Zwift's beautiful virtual island - to raise awareness for World Bicycle Relief. "World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. We are committed to helping people conquer … Continue reading The Power of Bicycles / Zwiftathon